Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Been out a while

Three kids kept you busy, especially with a fourth on the way.

Bug will start school this year coming up, scary and exciting at the same time. To think my baby is old enough to go school. He is so exciting and keeps asking when he gets to go. School is a great learning curve to, he hits is brother, don't do that, you can't do that at school and you want to go to school right?

Boo is getting big, what else can I say? Our Linebacker is 3 and about to pass his older brother. He is talking great and has a naughty streak, he is quiet naughty, so I don't discover what he did right away.

Moosie is almost 2, and going on 30. She is independent, needs no help, and has decides she is not a baby. She is walking and talking and loves to dance and sing. Especially Ariel songs. She is wanting to potty train, but I am not sure if I will push it till after baby arrives.

With only a couple months left I have to start thinking of a nickname for the newbie.

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